Hollingdean Wednesdays

From September we will be bringing amazing workshops to Hollingdean Community Centre every Wednesday.​

A mixture of cookery classes, music and singing sessions and a creative writing workshop - with every workshop for just a suggested donation of £1

For more information and to book cookery courses (music and writing are drop ins) contact Anna at theworldfoodproject@yahoo.com or 0n 01273563375

Link to timetable and fliers coming soon.

Hot Food For Hollingdean

We've been delivering weekly 2 course meals to people self isolating in Hollingdean since May.

Now that we are all more out and about we've stopped delivering and started stocking the freezers at Hollingdean Community Centre and CASE Central with delicious and nutritious ready meals.

If getting a free (or small donation) meal would be useful for you keep an eye on our website. We're having a break for August but will be back in September.