The World Food Project is a constituted community group based in Brighton.

We believe that food and cookery are perfect ways to bring people together.

We run accessible cookery classes and workshops for people who find it

difficult to access other courses .

We know that everyone deserves to be able to eat well so we run

accessible cookery courses for everyone - recently we have worked

with refugees and asylum seekers, and people who are cooking

on a budget.  We work with experienced teachers and group leaders

and work closely with our students and other community organisations

to make sure our courses are as useful as they can be.

 We are very interested in 

  • Teaching other skills through cookery. We are always looking for chances to link cookery to language learning, literacy, numeracy - anything really!

  • Cooking and eating together as a way of increasing wellbeing.  Our sessions are a chance to relax, with others, in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • Ensuring students have chances to share their skills and that we all learn from each other.

Lockdown News...


We can't run courses, we're missing sharing nice food with people - and people are stuck in and need nice food... so we're starting a free food delivery service for people in Hollingdean.

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