At the moment we are enjoying running

  •  Cook, Eat, Learn courses for people learning English as an additional language

  •  Cooking on a Budget courses and sessions in Hollingdean.

It's all going really and we're very keen to do more! So if you are interested in developing a cookery course,or have other ideas for projects you would like to run with us please get in touch. 

In the past we have:

  • Taught cookery using easily available, affordable ingredients to people from all over the world

  • Run groups for people learning English as an additional language where we cook and eat together and share each other's recipes.

  • Created 2 beautiful cookery books 

  • Worked with TEFL teachers to teach English in especially interactive ways

  • Facilitated shared meals with groups of people who live close to each other but wouldn't otherwise have met

  • Created resources for TEFL teachers to use alongside cookery classes

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